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Wafer Rolls
Wafer Rolls widely known as wafer cigars, are cylindrical treats made by using crispy, thin wafer sheets rolled into tubes. The rolls are sealed to stop the filling from spilling out once the filling is piped into them from one end.
Wafer Rolls Jar
These Wafer Rolls Jar are high-end, delicious rolls with a creamy chocolate flavor. For garnishing cakes, cupcakes, and dessert toppings, they are a necessary pantry item for home bakers, ice cream parlors, and dessert shops. Additionally, they provide a quick dose of carbohydrates, preventing hunger.
Belgian Waffles
The Belgian waffles that we provide have a crisp outside and a light, fluffy inside. They are a tasty and adaptable dessert that is loved by many people all around the world because of their distinctive texture and capacity to hold toppings.